Vicky slut4u.


and be happy doing your sucking

Don’t have a man? Get a machine! | @sissycaps

I  want  to  wear    this  dress and  blow  their  dates.

BEWARE ~ This will happen ~ Tessa sissycuckwannabe
There is no dressing “just” once
There is no sucking cock “just this once” to try it
There is no being fucked ” just once “
IF LET HER OR HIM INTO YOUR ASS - this will be your fate !
part time closet cd/sissy - married or single
THIS WILL BE YOUR LIFE - you will live to dress & be femme

rogue4244 ha dicho: What is the most tomes you have sucked or been fucked in one day?....when you suck a guy off do you like to suck him or have him fuck your throat? I'll leave it up to you but would love to keep the dirty talk going with you. If you have any questions of me please ask. Thanks

- Ouch! I only suck a cock once long ago, my ass is still a virgin: (
- I like to suck

rogue4244 ha dicho: This is for fun not to be rude Yes I'll answer also Thnks 1 Is it about the dress upor sex? 2 Fuck or BE Fucked,Both? 3 top, bottom or doggie? 4 Most times in 1 day? Give or receive? 5 Fucked Hard or slow N Deep? 6 Can U Cum from anal? 7 Suck or B Sucked? Both? 8. Favorite oral position? 9 Do you like oral ruff or slow? 10 Do you swallow or spit? 11 Do you kiss after a BJ? 12 Does UR #shiny stay on or cum off B4 sex? 13 Do U like 2talk dirty on here?

1 - yes
2 - to be fucked
3 - doggie
4 - i do not understand, but it is better to receive
5 - Both hard and slow and deep
6 - very possible
7 - suck
8 - kneel
9 - I do not understand
10 - swallow
11 - no
12 - stay shiny
13 - I do not usually respond, but I like to talk dirty


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He can’t remember why he said it, why he offered to repay his debt by letting his dealer fuck him…
But the dealer had looked him up and down, told the little emoboi he looked like a slutty little girl, and accepted.
And now that emoboi is bent over on his knees, face screwed up in pain as he feels  even more cum running from his hole.
He expected his dealer to fuck him… he never expected to be pimped out.
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